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About Me!

      Here we have Junior, a varied multi-media artist who's all about exploring various art forms! Quite the nerd when it comes to things he likes. Whether it's art, video games, music, comics, tv shows, or movies, he'll not only fanboy about them but also create awesome art based on them! Of course, he doesn't only create fan art, he does his own original pieces based on mythical creatures, fantasy, horror, romance, abstract, and whatever else comes out of his imagination! He's a traditional artist who appears to mostly do most of his work on paper, but he's always up for a challenge away from the default paper method! I mean . . . wasn't it mentioned before that he's all about exploring various art forms?!


      Quite the multitasker in his creations, besides just creating art, Junior's in the process of writing his own graphic novel series and creating product designs for his art shops. He wishes to allow people to learn and grow along with him through his journey as an artist in the world. Not only does he like to do what he does as a hobby, but he's also seeking out those who have an interest in his art to learn from him. Hmm . . . yeah let's not make this longer than it has to be, so just email contact Junior with a message, or through his social media! Instagram would be a good start! lol :)

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